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Credit List

Feature Films:

Big Bad - Location Mixer, Sound Design, Audio Post-Production, Composer

Court & Spark - Composer

The Livingston Gardener - Sound Design & Audio Post-Production

Big Significant Things - Location Mixer

The Dungeon Masters - Location Mixer

Ballast (35mm Sundance Award Winner) - Location Mixer

Five Fingers (35mm) - Boom Operator

The Rough South of Larry Brown (Super 16mm documentary) - Additional Location Mixer

Waiting (35mm) - B Unit Location Mixer

Martin Scorsese's The Blues (35mm / DV) - Location Mixer

Belles & Whistles - Location Mixer

The Rising Place (35mm) - Boom Operator & B Unit Location Mixer

Television Programs:

Primos: The Truth About Hunting (Composer - Outro Theme and Various Incidental)

America Undercover: Dealing Dogs (HBO) – Location Sound Mixer.

Lomax The Hound of Music (PBS) - Location Recorder. Music Production & Editing.

Elvis Movie Intros (Turner Classic Movies. Graceland Locations) – Boom Operator

CMT Presents Faith Hill: Life Stories - Location Mixer

Behind The Music - Blind Melon (VH1) – Location Mixer

Driven: LeAnn Rimes (VH1) – Location Mixer

The New Detectives (Discovery) – Location Mixer

The FBI Files (Discovery) – Location Mixer

Real TV - Location Mixer

Homes Across America (HGTV) – Location Mixer

Building Character (HGTV) – Location Mixer

The New Capitol (MS ETV) – High Definition shoot. Location Mixer

Jim Crow (PBS-NY/CA) – Location Mixer

Continental Harmonies (PBS-NY) – Location Mixer

Ray Ainsworth's Horsemanship - Composer

DragonFly Television (PBS Minneapolis) - Location Mixer


Willie King - Jukin' at Bettie's - Audio Engineer

Willie King - One Love - Audio Engineer

Debbie Bond & the Trudats - Hearts are Wild - Audio Engineer

Industrials & Museum Films:

B.B. King Museum Films - Location Sound, Post Sound, Junior Editor

Habitat For Humanity International - International PSAs filmed on five continents. Location Mixer.

The Too Late Show (ADDY winning) - Composer.

NASA MSCI Program – Sound Designer

Red River Army Depot: Patriot Missile Certification Program – Sound Designer & Assistant Editor

Through Our Own Eyes: Mississippi Department of Economic Development – Location Mixer & Sound Designer

SuSE Linux Comdex video– Location Mixer (San Francisco locations)


Book Trailers:

Night of the Living Trekkies - Quirk Books - Sound Design, Post-Audio, Composer.

Meowmorphosis - Quirk Books - Sound Design, Post-Audio, Composer.

Hope Never Dies - Quirk Books - Composer.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars - Quirk Books - Music Editor, Post-Audio.

William Shakespeare's The Empire Strikes Back - Quirk Books - Music Editor, Post-Audio.

William Shakespeare's Return of the Jedi - Quirk Books - Music Editor, Post-Audio.

How to Catch a Bogle - Quirk Books - Music Engineering, Sound Design, Post-Audio.

Bedbugs - Quirk Books - Music.

Television Commercials:

Coca-Cola - Location Mixer

U.S. Naval Reserves (San Diego & Pacific Ocean. U.S.S. Boxer) - Location Mixer

Idaho Child Welfare Department (Boise) – Location Mixer & Sound Designer

Jordan Valley Water Authority (Salt Lake City) – Location Mixer & Sound Designer

Unity Fest: AIDS Fund Raiser – Sound Designer. ADDY Award winning spot.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield – Location Mixer & Sound Designer

Palm Coast Resorts (Florida) - Music

... and about a thousand others.

Short Films:

The Princess and the Bowling Ball - Sam Watson (Director / DP)

The Relationship - Keith Potter (location sound)

The Longest Day - Sam Watson (Director / DP)

Papa - Philip Scarborough (post sound)

The Country Doctor - Philip Scarborough (location sound. post sound.)

Cedula Ciudadano - Diego Velasco (location sound.  post sound)

Day Shift - Diego Velasco (location sound.  post sound.)

Searching For Charity - Diego Velasco (location sound.)

Smiles: A Clown Story - David Watkins (location sound. post sound. music)

Stop Breakin Down - Glen Marzano (location sound. post sound. music.)

Casey Nordell - Chad Vance (location sound)

Five Days From Home - Chad Vance (location sound. post sound)

Murderabilia - David Mathews (location sound. sound design)

The Long Goodbye - Jeff Tanner (music)

Checkmate - Ash Taylor (post sound)

Orbis Romanus - Edward St. Pe (post sound)

The Curious Death of Dana Miles - Lee Blaylock (composer)

Foster - Matthew Magee (location sound)

Poker Night - Jared Hopkins (location sound)

October - Thad Lee (post sound)

Revisited - Will Fox (location sound.  post sound.)

Pop Up Prophecy - Monte Kraus & Philip Scarborough (location sound. post sound.)

Sense - Beth Kander (DP. post sound.)

Blind Sided - Opie Cooper (location sound. post sound.)

Issaquena - Lance Hammer (location sound)

Daddy's Little Girl - Beanie Barnes (location sound)

Valentine's Day - Ryan Bohling (location sound)

Young Bros - Alex Warren (location sound)

Remmy Zero documentary - Nina Parikh (location sound)

Esperando - Jimena Puente-Treviño (post sound)

Oliver - Sophie-Ann Price (composer)

Then Who? - Sofia Taylor (composer)

S E Q U E N C E - James Alexander Warren (sound mixer)

Baby Chicken - Azod Abedikichi (sound design)

Dear Mr. Bryant - Robbie Fisher & Jenni Smith (Post Audio)

Dreamscaping - James Alexander Warren (location sound)

Rudy's Olde Hat (post audio)

Delta 180: Changing Lives in the Mississippi Delta - Robbie Fisher (location sound. sound design. post-audio. composer)

Growing Our Own - Tom Beck & Phillip Scarborough (sound mixer)

Going Toward Love - Ryan Bohling (sound mixer)

Music Videos:

Johnny Taylor - Good Love

David Banner (feat. Lil Flip) - LIke A Pimp

David Banner - Cadillac on 22s

Manny Fresh - Just Conversation

Rich Boy - Just Bought a Cadillac

Roosevelt Noise - Any

Storage 24 - No Surrender

Name Dropping (or: People With Whom I've Had the Pleasure of Working):

Morgan Freeman

B.B. King

Jimmy Carter

Dolly Parton

Laurence Fishburne

Ryan Phillipe

Keith Urban

Kathy Ireland

Kenny Rogers

Bruce Willis

Montel Williams

Brett Favre

Archie & Eli Manning

Dickie Betts

Kenny Wayne Shephard

Rachel Ray

Charles Burnett

David Banner

Dr. John

Laurie Smith